A global health challenge

A worldwide wake-up call

This global health challenge has led to a worldwide wake-up call that our society is facing. This is an unprecedented situation due to the lock-down in this global health challenge to compete the Corona virus. Now the whole world must act to recover from this worldwide challenge.

We need to be constantly informed and keep our eyes and ears open to all media channels in order to get the latest on this global pandemic.

As a simple human being I can only sent my gratitude to all the medical people in our hospitals to confront this global challenge. The doctors and nurses who are taking care of the sick people. They serving in some difficulties conditions trying to save as much as possible life’s.

This worldwide wake-up call puts our humanity under pressure. Our world has come in mode of survival and we are all exposed to the same invisible enemy.

Not local but global

The big question with this global health challenge is: how will the world look like once (hopefully) this will be over. It is the greatest challenge since World-war II in terms of human exposure to a world wide threat. There will be numerous opinions on how to re-organise our society especially how we will behave ourselves when meeting people again.

This global pandemic is an opportunity to scientists and intellectuels to step forward and finally take the lead in moving our world. They must guide us in the right direction in protecting our human race.

I hope this will also accelerate the respect and care for our nature. I hope countries take the right decisions for our future generations to life a prosperous and enjoyable life on our planet.

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