Awareness of now

Running or walking:

Our Western Society has been Industrialized the last 200 years and made us what we are now today.

Automatization in the Industry has taken over and our physical and manual work is taken over more and more by robots and computers.

Our human physical capacities are limited, and we are running faster and faster to get work done. 

Repetitive tasks in the production of all sort of products are taken over by computers and robots.



Social and simple living:

We are all coming from somewhere, our family, our mother and our father. Our childhood neighborhoods, maybe our brother(s) and sister(s). This period determines the person who we will be in our lives. The person that will travel the journey on this planet, which is life.

We learn(ed) all the things to be the person we are right now.


Color or black & white:

Did you notice how our senses make us aware of where we are, what we see, what we feel, what we smell. We make decisions on these senses and depending in which mood we are we make a decision to move forward. We decide if we take action, raise our voice and comment or we don’t comment because we are afraid to say the wrong thing, or we just return to our safe haven and turn on the TV?


Making choices:

We might not realize it but every choice, every step we make in life will influence our view on things and people.

You can make a choice every day, I am here to listen to you and hear from you in what phase in life you are in to take the right path which has been set for you.


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