What is there to say about happiness? Sure it is all about people and how we experience them. It is how people experience us. It is how we can make people happy and how they make us happy. Our human body has a range of advanced sensors to sense signals form the outside world. The nature and our environment is key to be in a state of happiness. It is the flow of growing up and seeing how we learn to give and receive. It is the small things in life, every day that can bring us joy and energy to move on. It is the interstate of feelings and the perception of things. It is for everyone different. Enjoy reading!

Our ego

Scientists have investigated meditation masters. They seem to be the most happy people on earth. Their brains develop a substance called “oxytocine”, the hormone of happiness. Try to google the most happy man on earth. Right, a Frenchman who became a Tibetan monk. The ego perverts any theory. Take for example the stock exchange. Nothing …

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