Primary: Work is the activity we do to make money and have a salary at the end of the month. This is my perception of work. Work must be remunerated. The result of the work is a product or service. The product or service serves the purpose for the need of an end consumer. That is how our modern economical systems works.  Secondly work results in something that serves humanity to fulfill our needs to live and to enjoy life. It encourages us to be creative creating things that surrounds us in our daily life. There is an infinite list of products range from food to equipement to clothes and accessories for all kinds of purposes.

Keep on learning

I have learned to improve my writing skills thanks to the numerous courses on-line. We must find the time and to be organized in life in order to continue sharpen our skills or learn something new. We all have to go through the process of learning and find an occupation in life. The quality of …

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Career and life

Loosing your job Without realizing I loved the job I did for years, only after I lost my job. I realized how much energy and sacrifices I did to make people happy. There were stressful moments in my career. There were other moments in my career thinking if I would survive the next “take-over” by …

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