Fresh bread

A tasty discovery

The pleasure of fresh baked bread

I found this new bakery named Champain in the country side early this morning. In the dark of the night there’s was a bakery already baking bread early morning. There was smoke from the oven coming out of the chimney and I was curious to discover the inside.

Even before I opened the door the smell of fresh baked bread captured my senses.

A man greeted me and he started a conversation with me. I bought the traditional bread with some croissants. The man told me he quit his job in the financial sector and found this new challenge selling local farm products.

The smell of the fresh baked bread was awakening all my senses and it was impossible to resist. I was offered to taste first which I did off-course.

I discovered more local products like chocolate paste, marmelade and even beer and therefor it reminded me of my childhood.

In the fridge you had the choice from different yoghurts, fresh milk and other milk products.

These moments of simplicity and friendliness were the perfect start of the weekend. Nice fresh bread is the perfect start for a perfect day.

When returning back in the car I remembered when I was a kid. Basic food was brought to us by a local delivery for bread. Fresh bread was so delivered on the door step and we enjoyed a simple and healthy life. I also remembered the milk man, the ice cream and the small grocery truck with more food. We ate without even thinking every day health, local and unprocessed food. I realized now what a Wonderfull time it was.

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