Hi my name is Pascal!

After a career of 23 years in the same Company I lost my job in 2017. When I came back in the office I was asked for a personal meeting with the Manager. I was made redundant because I was not needed anymore. My function as Manager was suddenly become obsolete. 


The next couple of weeks I was completely lost and I had all kinds of negative thoughts in my mind. I lost my job and I was still recovering from a serious illness that almost cost my life.


I thought about the next phase in my life. With our society and our economy moving so fast I decided to write this down, share my experiences with you and move on with my life and take action.

That is exactly what I did in the beginning of this year 2020. I came across an on-line video and that was exactly matching with my mindset at that time. I was curious, I watched the video over and over again and I felt the real and authentic message of that person.


I "checked-in" with this community and this is the result: I am writing blogs, I opened a Facebook and Instagram account and here I am. Learning the skills and developing a mindset to be the person I am and express this through my platform.



I was born and raised in a small town in the Northern part of Belgium near the French border. An all natural and agriculture environment at that time.

I decided to start to learn about Textiles and Design when I was 14 years old. I loved this topic because of the endless possibilities in Creation and the production of all kinds of Textile Fabrics for our homes and clothings. In addition to that there was quite some employment offered at that these time with many manufacturers of Textiles.

I developed myself learning the skills to be a creative person and I spend 6 years learning all the techniques and processes to become a Bachelor In Textile Design and Technology. At the same time information technology was started to infiltrate in our homes and I was passioned about it.


After I graduated I started to work advising the local Textile Industry on the usage of CADCAM applications. It was like my dream came true having the chance to learn so many new things and having all these valuable Computer systems to my disposition.

My greatest drive in life and career has been the coaching of a wide variety of  professional individuals within businesses in an international environment. 

My main passion and hobby has always been the usage of Information Technology. They have transformed our Society and completely changed how we live, work and interact with the people around us.

I am always looking to retrieve the best out of any person and making them valuable. In this way I create and stimulate creativity. At the end of the day I want to move boundaries and overcoming all challenges.

This is why I feel comfortable to reach out to people, understand their current conditions of life with all the challenges that go with it and most of all listen what they have to say.

I am here to listen to you, with an open perspective. I am reaching out to people from different cultures and backgrounds and with respect. Because that is why it makes it worth to learn from each other can go beyond what we ever could expect.


I am developing a new chapter in my life by by reaching out to the world with an open mindset and giving the best of me in order to inspire other people to follow the same path. 

My guidance and inspiration are the people behind the scenes of this Community. They are the one and only reason why I am here, writing this. They give me a new foundation and direction, an opportunity to be fully in control of my own decisions in life.

I want to inspire people on their today's and tomorrow's journey in life.

I am here to share my personal experiences in life through my Lifestyle Network website and I hope that people will identify themselves with the subjects I write and share.

This is an activity and platform where I can grow and learn every day, every week and every month of the year.

Like everyone I wish to preserve as long as possible my mental and physical health. As long as I have the passion, creativity and love for life I will keep on updating this website for as long as I live.

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