Enthusiastic or apathetic behavior

Passion is contagious

You can grow and be fulfilled if you open yourself to the world. Should we be enthusiastic or apathetic in our behavior?

If you encourage social contact and spend time learning about other people you will gain trust in yourself. If you are rather extroverted and you have a job where you need to coach or explain about your business then you will learn experience all kind of enthusiastic and apathetic behavior.

Do you get nervous by the silence and the apathetic behavior of your conversation partner ? Are you unable to change that and you are wondering what is happening ?

The feed-back and the human contacts I experienced with both enthusiastic and apathetic has led to my personal development for the person I am today. In combination with my personality it made me different from anybody else.

Don’t hide your emotions too much when facing the other person. If you train well enough you will be confident and even start to add personal funny phrases in your conversations. Your passion can be contagious !

So, my life lesson so-far is to find that road to the things in life you really like. Open and express yourself to the world. Be more enthusiastic or passioned and you will see which doors will open.

The behavior of one starts with the first handshake and a friendly smile. If you see something special about that person then give hime or her a nice compliment. It will make the conversation pleasant and positive.

Finally my personal satisfaction was great that after years of being dedicated. Thanks to my enthusiasm and positive behavior I managed to leave a trace and making people happy. For me it has been the most precious reward for the work.

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