Finally time to take the time

Have you lately also being confronted with the things that you have may forgotten to do ? Have you finally find the time to do the things you always wanted to do ?

We are obliged to shift some gears lower in our daily life now and you see how our society changes in just a couple of months. Have you also noticed ?

Have you seen the video’s of families reorganizing their lives and now spend more time in the kitchen and take the time to cook for example?

Will this have an impact of the months and years to come on how we interact with each other ? 

A entire older generation is affected and so many families around the world are confronted with the end of life. 

It reminds of my childhood: A solid home base with just doing the things our parents told us to do. Morning cycling to school, a day at school, evening cycling back home. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This is my new idea for a my next blog. I hope you will get back and read.

So far thus, time to do the things we like to do at home and making plans to find a new balance between work and life. The endless search for a better version of myself. 



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