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I thought of writing this blog to share my experience of the importance of our health and wellbeing. Recently our society was attacked by an extremely deadly virus and we are fortunate to live in times where our medical expertise is more advanced than ever.

So what is there is more to say? How many times a day you are thinking about your health and wellbeing?

As of who I am today and what I have experienced I realized that a healthy lifestyle and what your body is receiving to get the energy and build and keep the cells in good shape is food.

Our bodies are shaped with organs and it is a complex mechanism to keep everything in shape and in good health for our wellbeing. Our organs get the energy from food and they are the basics to keep everything going. Just to be clear this is not a blog about diet what or not to eat.

If we eat like 3,4 or 5 times a day we need that energy to keep on going and to feel fulfilled and happy. It goes into the bloodstream and gives energy to the heart to beat. It goes to the muscles to let us move. Then for the brains it nurtures them for studying and thinking.

Another aspect to stay fit and in good health is a good sleep. Also here my advice is to have a quiet environment with quality beddings and a good mattress.

For the next aspect I will sure write more blogs which is our mental health, so I am not going to dive in to this now 😉.

As a conclusion it is all about balancing: the drive in our life is the objective that we want to achieve in life. Whatever it is that you do is the drive and motivation in life to be happy and fulfilled. The energy to get there is the food and what we drink.

So my motto is take the time to eat, share it with friends and family, cook as much as possible yourself and then breath the fresh air and take a ride on your bike or walk to make your digestion more easy. My tip of the day! Take care, Pascal.

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  1. Hi Pascal, totally agree with you .I have been practising yoga for the past 7 years and I believe in balance of mind and body . It has helped me a lot in my life , in my food habits, in my thoughts …wellness is so important to us -both physical and mental. As you say , food and sleep are two simple things in our life .We are blessed if we can have these at our disposal at all times.

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