What is it about our age ?

50 is just a number

Are the months and years start to take their toll on your wellbeing, happiness and health? Are you also in your 50’s and you want something else in life and what is it about our age that makes us different?

For many of us in a loop of repetition of days or worse being fired because of another re-organization round in your Company or team?

There are statistics of age-discrimination that shows people being put aside because of their age.

An economy world

We live in an economy world as already evoked in my previous blogs. Our whole industry thrives us to stay young. They wave at us with pills and anti-aging cures. We live in a youth obsessed society.

The only marker is our internal age. We are born to grow up and get older, it is as simple as that. We are as old as the calendar says.

Have you noticed how these topics are just cultural clichés. In other words they are hard reality once you notice that employers and Companies hesitate to hire you or even worse even don’t take you in consideration.

Your age is just a number, they don’t lie. Now I say you this. Please don’t judge on numbers, especially when it s about age. In other words TALK to these people and you will see how warm, passionate, experienced and calm many of these people are.

So my conclusion: take the time to listen and therefore CONGRATULATE these beautiful people because they SURVIVED many things that we cannot even imagine. They will look at you and be happy that there is someone listening to them.

Our culture and heritage is brought to us because of the stories of elderly people because of their experiences and therefore their views of the world that is changing al the time.

As a conclusion: bless beautiful people, young and old. Time and dedication, love and care makes a person beautiful. If you wake up every morning and be amazed how beautiful our world is you will feel a more happier person.

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