Is this the perfect feeling?

When have you been really happy lately?

The moments of real happiness I felt was and when arriving home after coming back from a new travel experience.

Tired but happy to be home again, the feeling of having succeeded in your mission to make a new customer happy, or maybe learned something new from someone you met on the plane?

Happy because you have been to a nice restaurant, visiting Wonderfull places, swimming freely in the sea or lake, cycling and discovering picturesque landscapes, a train journey in the mountains looking down into a valley?

Th Happy feeling of traveling


The excitement before traveling:

Whether you travel for business or with family, the moment you enter in a plane you start to feel the excitement for the journey and days to come, for many people when entering an airport they start to feel the vibes and excitement of the flight that lays ahead.

It is for everyone different: You choose to discover the world because you wish to discover the beauty of nature and people, or you choose to go back to that place you haven’t been for a long time. For everyone it is different.

The journey to a new destination




Flying in the sky and looking down to the earth:

Whether you fly any moment of the day from any place on this planet, there are always these amazing views of the earth. Seeing the sunsets, flying through the clouds, observing other planes. Looking down on the shape of the earth, the sea which is so wide and big. Following your route on the screen, falling asleep, waking up and looking down again through that little window looking for new continents and countries to explore.




The journey which is our life:

I hope you fly with me on this journey of life, sharing with me your thoughts and always being amazed about the beauty of this planet. Being amazed every day when the sun comes up and a new day starts.

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