Is this your daily morning life?

Daily commuting stress

Our daily commuting to work is changing the way we are. We got so used to it that we rarely think about it. Is this your daily commuting stress ?

For those of you who are commuting you know very well the images of the morning sun, the rain and snow.

It is the first topic when arriving in the office. Other colleagues are sharing their latest stories of how they got to work and the obstacles that made them stressful because of another accident or roadworks. 

Commuting can be tiring; it brings all sort of emotions on the surface; we think all of sorts of things especially when doing it for many years. We rethink our values of life, why we do it for and would there be a way out if we would have the time and energy to move to another direction in life? 

How long can you keep the motivation to drive back and forth to work ? Did you ever thought how to escape from the cage you are in and how do you see your future when you get older.

We have all made decisions in our lives and that is perfectly fine. Our daily commuting stress is part of our daily routine and life. Is it ? Or is there is something else ? Can you think of how to take a path in life that maybe you never thought of ? 

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