Love the people who matter

Live today and now!

Take the time to look behind in your life and analyze the people who matter in your life and who influenced you to the deepest of your heart and guided you of who you are now and today.

If you find the right moment, talk to that person and tell her or him what they mean to you. 

Today I listened to the radio in the car. A man was talking about his mother passed away a few years ago, telling how much he misses her, there was a melancholic background music. As a result I felt a split-second of conscious and thought about the people who made me who I am today.

Live today and now, enjoy the persons around you and love the people who matter in your life. Above all enjoy every second you are with your family and friends.

How many times I hear: life is too short? What does that mean exactly ? If we live for 80 years is that short? Long? What is the reference for this comparison ?

The life is what we were offered from from our parents and therefor we have no choice of following the path that you and only you can choose. We resemble our mother and father and as a result we take characteristics from both of them to be this new person. Going along in life we also add our personality and we are formed to the person(s) we are today. Listen to what they have to say and always threat them with respect. Love the people who matter!


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