Career and life

Loosing your job

Without realizing I loved the job I did for years, only after I lost my job. I realized how much energy and sacrifices I did to make people happy.

There were stressful moments in my career. There were other moments in my career thinking if I would survive the next “take-over” by another investor or holding.

I gave my knowledge, my experience, everything that I had in me to make the people in my professional career happy. Colleagues and customers. Do you sometimes wonder how long this will last and what will happen if you would lose your job(s) ?

I was made redundant for economical reasons in 2017. I found myself in a outplacement program with other people from the same age on how to cope with this situation. My career and my life just collapsed in one moment.

So do you think is it possible to find something similar where you can further progress in life ? Develop yourself further ? Is there something out there where you find great positive people and passioned about the things they did or do in life ?

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