Our ego

Scientists have investigated meditation masters. They seem to be the most happy people on earth. Their brains develop a substance called “oxytocine”, the hormone of happiness. Try to google the most happy man on earth. Right, a Frenchman who became a Tibetan monk.

The ego perverts any theory. Take for example the stock exchange. Nothing wrong with it. It is a system where people with ideas without money get in contact with people with money but without ideas. The idea is just to keep the economy turning around with profit as lubricant.

Fine, the ego is intervening and says: the lubricant is interesting. Let’s bet on it. Consequence: the whole engine of the economy is drowning in its oil. The same thing happens with religion. In the name of God people do the most horrible things. At the same time we say to ban God, but the ego stay untouched.

Everything changes all the time

The stories from which are build our ego is our body, our name, our profession, our preferences and believes. The ego tries to prove itself all the time by being successful, earning money, buying clothes and a big house. In the 50’s we had sufficient needs to provide ourselves with the the basic needs for our body like food, clothes and a roof.

What do we need now to be happy? We ar all fulfilled with a happy belly and warm inside. Our Society of consumption has grown our ego.

aThe industry has anticipated to use the body to pimp the ego and that is generating money. Has our consumption society developed our ego?

Since the 60’s is our definition of happiness: having a good life and showing this to everyone. Generating compliments, likes, even before they existed. An annoying aspect is that you get used to a big salary and a big house. Then you want a bigger bonus and a nice girlfriend. There is no ending at our ego.

Our ego is quicksand on which we try to build a house. It constantly sags. We have to pump it and constantly to proof ourselves.

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