How to spend more time with family?

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We tend to escape more and more from our homes and work. We have more free time than ever before but I have the impression that when we return from traveling we are still not fulfilled. So do you want to spend more time with your family ?

Most of families nowadays travel three to four times a year. The recurring topic at work and most of the conversations with colleagues is where the next holiday trip is planned. We just got back from a trip and our environment is expecting us to look already forward to the next destination. There is no doubt, traveling is one of my favorite activities. I have been blessed to see so many places and explore different cultures and people . So after years hearing these same question(s) I have started to asked myself why ?

Sure it is a great fulfillment to see our Summer Holiday commission paycheck. But I ask myself: Why are people not so happy anymore at home, their neighborhood… Have you also noticed these same questions over and over again: Where is your next trip ? How long is your holiday ?

We are submerged with publicity in the media and we live from holiday to holiday…So what are you doing in between these holidays. Exactly, go back to the job, to the colleagues, to your boss. Ever thought what else you could do in life than just serving the economy, and running faster and faster every day. Loosing your precious time every day in traffic ? Wouldn’t you rather be with your family and spend more time with your children ?

It feels more and more like a race during each holiday, three or four times a year do the things that society suppose us to do? Are you following everyone else without asking yourself ?

Yes we need to rest, we need to take off. I love to travel and that is natural, we all love to see our beautiful world and visit great places. As I have mentioned before in my previous blog(s). With the years going by, the stress accumulates in our bodies and we are victim of our own desires to always consume to be part of society which is asking more and more from what we can deliver.

The classic family organisation is two parents which both have a job in order to pay the mortgage and bills. Spend more and more time and budget on traveling.

Or society is under tremendous pressure: We all want the latest gadgets, smartphones and accessories. We compete with our neighbor(s) and colleagues for the coolest activities.

So, fulfillment is a daily challenge and we all stretching ourselves more and more to find the ultimate happiness. Friends and family are waiting for us to deliver. If you then also add our own desires and needs then life becomes a rat race.

The old days were better? For some of you yes, for others not at all. It is all how you have build your life and how nostalgic you are. One thing is sure. Spending more time with family doing simple things is what brought me here.

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