Summer feeling

I is the time of the year and it is embedded in our biological clock related to the seasons and place we live in the world. A summer feeling. So what have you planned to do these coming months?

Are you traditionally planning ahead and book your holiday months on advance or are you a last minute planner?

There is excitement and a little stress probably depending on how you will travel: By plane, car, bus… With the current sanitary situation almost all over the world there is a different feeling how we will spend our holidays.

But what is the summer feeling exactly? By far the first thing to me is the long summer days with an abundance of light and sun the whole day.

There is this transition of changing from work a modus to “normal” rhythm in our habits. We tend to be more crispy at times during this change of modus. I have witnessed from myself to be more sensitive than when I am in a busy activity “work” modus.

We put on our shorts and T-shirt and we stroll in and around the house. We start see things different. We noticed nature in its abundance of colors and flavor. We walk in and out from the garden into the house.

We actually pick up with life again, real life. We don’t need to shave every day and we tend to be more messy.

Back to basics

But so what else do you do during your summer holiday? Do you plan the day ahead or are just taking things as they come?

We feel confronted with ourselves again and we are looking for an activity to spend the morning or afternoon. I am curious how you spend these days during the summer holidays?

If you have children then we always now what to do, they need our attention and we need to be creative to keep them busy.

It is the time of the year when we also think if we are still happy at work. We have a different relation with our partner, wife or husband because we spend more time with them and so picking-up our relation. We think more from our inner and notice different feelings towards life and our being. Are you fulfilled and do you pay enough attention to the people you love?

To me there the most important is to have a purpose in life and continue to do the things at what we are good at.

Life is one journey of experiences and adventures where we share moments of joy and sadness, moments of desperation and moments of hope. We go our way and many times we fold bag on our ego. We laugh and cry and follow the flow of life.

The path of life is for everyone different. I hope your is primarily paved with the least of struggle and worries.

Have a great holidays! Take all care. Pascal

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