Stress and time

The cost of work stress

How can you feel better at work ?

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Is career decline inevitable ? Are you moving to a slow moving wreck ? What is the real cost on our society of work stress ?

Stress and how to feel better at work, we all now what it is. Bad sleeping, thoughts speeding up or slowing down, eating without noticing what we eat, just to keep on going ? Is it because we want to reach our financial goals ?

There is also good stress, like writing this blog.

The cost of work stress is impacting the economy massively. Stress cost the economy millions of Euro. Chronic diseases, employment, disengagements. It has a massive impact on our environment.

People are sitting 90% of the day, they have no time to cook and so buy preprocessed food. Over time the cause of work stress can lead to a chronicle disease: diabetes. The medical cost increase a lot for the Company, so more stress for everyone. What if something happens and you lose your job. Who will take care for the children ?

If you have too much work stress at work then you will develop irreversible high blood pressure. You losing the correct functioning of your kidneys and then you need to think about a transplant.

Every year we are spending more and more money on healthcare. Much more than our global economy.

Where do spend more time ? Yes, at work ! Continuously seeking that work-life balance between stress, work and wellness.

On who we blame it on: New tech ? Shareholder returns ? How do we get out of this and so ask yourself ?

The DNA and the culture defines the culture of a Company. Companies should invest in the wellbeing of its employees. Would that decrease the level of impact of stress ? What are the Companies most competitive advantages ? Correct, us , the people. It has to start at the top. If a director opens how he cares for his and your mental health and wellbeing on the work-floor then that is a great start.

Think for a moment

The world economic forum predicts that between 2011 and 2030 mayor chronic diseases and methadone addiction will cost 45 trillion Euro.

The most crucial pillar is me and you. Be honest with yourself. Be honest about you define yourself. Our career contributes who we are, but are we defining it just not a little too much ? Is the value worth the cost ?

So there is mindfulness and many other therapies to live in the now. I know this is not for everyone. Learn the mastery of mental health, step back. Live in the present and now.

There is a trend in mental health and stress management. It is all about the development of awareness and except your current emotions, environment and physical state.

Develop and save of you now for later in life. Doing now nothing means more cost.

Let’s start living happier, healthier and hopefully more productive lives.

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