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The rhythm of life and light:

The influence of light and color to our wellbeing:


This blog can lead me to so many memories and experiences. Without light no life. That is why this blog about “The influence of light and color to our wellbeing”. 

First of all, there the seasons, if you live in an area with seasons then you feel the power of changing light, temperature and colors.

It is the power of the sun in the summer to the humid and dark months in the winter.   

We adapt according to the position of the sun, constantly we refer to “the” weather and we smile. Sometimes we feel down when we talk about it depending on the temperature and moment of the day. It makes us enthusiastic and warm inside whether it is the natural light of the sun or a beautiful light ambience in your house or appartment.

So, in which area of the world are you now and how is your mood now? So let me know your position to the sun and what it do to your mood and life.

Not only colors, also textures, fabrics and their quality, the fit, the feeling, the sense of dressing for an upcoming activity gives you that comfort, beauty and happiness.

If I dress for the right activity; going to the fitness, going to dance, have a walk in the city, prepare for the night, take the bike and go for a tour, then my brain is preparing for the activity to come. Then when putting on the right clothes for the right activity I am in my starting blocks to take-off. I find it amazing the way we dress how this is determining the feeling and mood for the next thing to come.


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