Your work-life balance

Are you losing control?

Many companies and their bosses losing control on their employees because they think instead of working, they go in a holiday mode. Companies who traditionally have experience with tele-working let their workers easier work from home, so it is time to find a healthy work-life balance.

If an employee has a headphone and is busy on a computer, they can be listening to music or just browsing the web. 

You work the most with your employees when you start to trust them. Trusting your employees is key to develop a sustainable, professional and mature environment. This will lead to a close relationship with them where mutual understanding and common objectives can be better reached.

Many bosses will also feel more vulnerable because they will notice that also without them the Company keeps on producing.

At the same time teleworkers will experience the fact that they miss the physical contact with their colleagues, or maybe they stay home because they are unhappy at work.

Make the right choice if your work-life balance is making you stressed. Talk to the people around you at work and make an appointment with your superior. If you can and take the time to evaluate your work and take a different perspective. Communication will lead to understanding and will sure lead to a better relation within the team.

You cannot separate work from life, to me there is only thing: finding a healthy work-life balance !

But work is the activity we all must do to bring bread on our tables. We wake up in the morning and get ready for a new day to go to work. The question is how ambitious are we to strive a perfect life? That is the million question.

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