The world at our fingertips

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We live in extraordinary times and we have the world at our fingertips. Why?

We have had never had SO MUCH information at our fingertips. Each Company has a website. Each individual has a million of choices of how to navigate on the World Wide Web to search for information. We live in extraordinary times.

New generations and older generations are all using the internet to find information. I have never imagined that I could experience this era and live in such a fascinating times where everything you want to know is just at our fingertips.

For the new generation using technology such as smartphones, tablets and computers is now part of daily life. During a normal day we spent more than 50% on-line whether it is for work, at home or when underway.

If it is for traveling and booking hotels and flights. It is for students to learn about civilizations, science, culture and society. We have never been in a position where we can LEARN about everything what life has to offer.

I emphasize in this blog on the opportunities and positive effects of all this amazing technology that we have at our homes.

I got connected with the internet about 25 years ago. The first technology to go on-line was through a telephone connection with a so-called Modem to connect to the internet. The Modem was the first digital telephone but then for data. It was always exciting to hear the modem dialing the number to connect and then that typical noise looking to connect to the server at the other end.

We have got the world on our fingertips. The (r)evolution is ongoing and the possibilities are endless. How will it further influence our society? How will the economy evolve and how will this influence our daily life?

The world at our fingertips. Here is another great and fascinating way how to interact with people for the next generations to come. Let’s enjoy these extraordinary times, let’s remember that in the beginning there was our family and neighborhood. We DIDN’T KNOW all the things that we know now.

Can you shift to a mindset and find your way in the endless possibilities of what life has to offer on-line? Let me know your journey in the Information Technology. We all have a story and remember we still need our friends and family to share these moments in life, now and today.

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