Writing liberates

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We learned all how to write in school. Writing down what we have learned in order to liberate our thoughts and expressions. Learning the basics skill so later you could communicate to the outside world. Writing liberates !

Now after all these years and having spend more toggling on a keyboard than writing I have rediscovered the written word. Sure I am now toggling but I remember how I started writing and once in Secondary school I really loved writing. Writing liberates!

If you think for a moment, we have 2 hands which we use to do everything to express ourselves. They are the “handles” that executes our orders and thoughts into action. We have learned to hold a pen or a pencil and write down what is on our minds. Isn’t that magic ?

Translating idea’s

We have translated idea’s, inventions, creations, sketches, designs into masterpieces of content during our ancient and modern times. It has transformed our most deepest expressions of thoughts and emotions into the world as it is now. Isn’t that magic. How did you experience this first feeling of the liberating of writing ?

Back to school: Did you also loved writing ? Writing down these ten – hundreds of pages in the classroom and during your studying time ? The magic of holding (as an exemple) a nice silver pen, elegant with this arrow pointing down, writing down all the subjects that we had to learn and remember.

It shaped me as a person, I was writing in italic style with my words and sentences swinging in all directions. I miss the expression of holding a pen and swing more…Writing liberates !

Later when starting my professional career and experiencing the era of personal Computers I discovered the mouse. This device always waiting to be moved in order to execute commands on the screen. Sure it was magic ones you got used to it.

As I discovered more and more about personal Computers and being in particular business of Designing and Textiles I discovered the “digitizer”. This device laying in front of you as a magic plate it had a PEN! How I was happy again able to navigate the screen with a pen. That pen that followed your movements on the screen and which was able to express your movements and expressions on the screen. Another magic moment in my life.

The local Academy

At that time I also went to the local Academy of Fine Arts. As a 16 years old, I was sitting in a white class-rooms with heigh ceilings. The light from outside was enlightening the whole room, bathing the whole atmosphere in white. I was drawing with charcoal. The assignment was to draw these huge white nudes of human bodies down to a huge paper which was suspended on an easel. It thought me a lot about human physiognomy.

I am grateful I had the chance to develop myself as a teenager and to use my hands using all kind of tools to express myself. It has shaped my futur career for which I am now still today very proud of.

The evolution since then has been amazing and the usage of technology and App’s in our daily life has changed how we live. The way we use hands and manipulate our modern devices has brought us more than ever closer…at least on-line…

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